Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Give Away!

Are you excited?! It's another giveaway! This time there will be two winners! So this is how you enter the contest:

-You have to share my blog with someone. You can post about it on Facebook or add my link, blog about it, or tell a friend. If you tell a friend, have them comment here and they have to tell me who told them about it.

-When you share, tell why you like my Foo foos and after that comment here and tell me where or how you shared it. Ex. I shared on Facebook.

- In your comment tell me which of these two Foo foos you like the best!

The contest will go until this Sunday, thw winners will be told shortly after. Thanks!

Here is what you can win:

At the bottom of this post you can find a little box of options of how to sharein different places, it makes it really easy! Also when you are commenting remember to press preview before you publish it, or I will not be able to see it! Now go tell all of your friends about the give away!

Happy Easter!


Destiny said...

I shared on Facebook! I like the blue one best!

Manewal Family 360 said...

Destiny Manewal shared this with me. I like the bottom Foo Foo. :)

Anonymous said...

Taylor...I don't do Facebook- so I shared by word of mouth. You know I love your Foo-Foos! These are both darling, but we like the blue one best. Hooray for Easter Giveaways!
Mrs. Zierow

Anonymous said...

what a great idea. Malissa Zierow informed me about your blog. it is darling. I like the yellow flower the best. because yellow is my favorite color. Thanks for the great pick me up today. You are amazing! Marinda Willoughby