Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give away!

Since it is Thanksgiving I have decided to do a give away! This cute flower will be the prize!

To win you just have to comment and tell me why you like this flower. Or you can comment and tell me what you love about Foo foos. Simple enough!

When you comment remember to press preview before you publish your comment or it will not go through! Be sure to tell me who you are in some way or you won't be able to win. The give away will end next Tuesday! Tell all of your friends about this too! Please check back often for more contest and great deals on your favorite Foo foos!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Slap Bracelets

These are fabric covered snap bracelets. They are simple and cute, with a flower on top! Each one is five dollars. I have five right now and here they are.
Left to right:
Light blue polka dots with six small white roses in the middle
Red flower fabric with a black yo yo in the middle
Burlap with a white rosette
Bright yellow with a fluffy navy flower
Brown and pink dots with a pink and brown dotty bow

Please comment! Thanks!


For all the ladies out there that think they can't wear a Foo foo in their hair, why not wear Foo foos in your ears? I have been working on these earrings, and I think they look pretty cute! You can dress up any boring outfit with these cute earrings, and look awesome. Check them out and let me know what you think of them! They are five dollars a pair, but are
so worth it!
Here is all the pairs that I have made so far!

This pair is light blue and brown damask fabric

This pair is made from burlap

This pair is made from green and white flower fabric

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Holidays!

So all the great holidays are coming up soon, and you are probably going to be needing a Foo foo for all the parties and all the other fun stuff! You can give a Foo foo as a gift or spoil yourself with one. Add some cheer to the season by wearing a festive flower or bow! I have made some special Foo foos just for this special time of year, so check them out!

This Foo foo is connected to a strectchy elastic headband and is only five dollars! Everyone wants to look cute in the snow!

This cute bow is double layered and is adorable. Buy it for five dollars.

This Foo foo is bright and festive. Add it to your hair, hat, or even a wreath this Christmas! Get it for five dollars today.

You can even add a Foo foo to a Christmas present, it will definately add to the gift! This flower is a burnt flower and has a little sparkle to it. It is so cute on any age of girl! This flower is also five dollars.