Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Help Me Out

Ok so the nylon headbands/ponies were a big hit! I was so happy to find out everyone liked them, so I want to order more elastic, so I can keep making them. I will be ordering more and also different kinds. But please help me out, what were your favorites and what would you like to see next time? Did you like the vlevet, glitter, plain, chevron, or printed the best? What colors do you want next? Please let me know! I want to get what people want!

^^Old picture^^
P.S. Did you like any of these, but didn't get to them in time?


Anonymous said...

Haylee liked them a lot! Her least favorite were the velvet ones...her most favorite were the chevron, and the plain shimmery ones. After pay day, we'll have to try some head bands. Thanks! Mrs. Zierow

Anonymous said...

Whit here, I love the chevron ones!