Sunday, February 2, 2014

Roses are Red

Sorry that I've been MIA lately! Ill try to be better, but no promises! We'll Valentines Day is coming up so I decided to make some foo foos for the occasion. 
This red one is my favorite little heart clip!
The pink heart is sweet too.
I also think this orange and hot pink heart clip is fun! It adds a little sass to Valentines Day!

All of these heart clips are $5.00 each. Please comment if you would like to buy one!


Anonymous said...

Love them all! I'll talk to Haylee and let you know, but I think I'd like the hot pink one. The heart is're AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful Taylor! We will take all 3 of these heart for Haylee, one for Addie Lu, and one for a gift. Thanks a million!