Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look fabulous for fall

Fall is coming and everyone will be needing foo foos to go along with their favorite sweaters and other fall attire. I have some fabulous flowers that go great for fall. They are perfect colors, sizes, and patterns. Check them out! They are each five dollars! Please comment and dont forget the word verification, or it won't go through!

Aren't these the best? You could use one everyday this fall! The bottom ones could even be for Halloween! There are so many options with these fall inspired Foo foos!

Add them to a sweater or cardigan! Maybe a even a scarf or hat, yeah? Would you like a new Foo foo for this fall? Don't forget to comment! Thanks for reading and please tell your friends to come check it out!

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Jo-Mamma said...

Fall Foo Foo's for Five Bucks!! Far-out! Fantastic!