Sunday, October 16, 2011

Burlap Bombshell

This flower is made from burlap and is attatched to a stretchy elastic headband. The headband can fit anyone that is four years or older. In the middle of the flower is a cute gold button and a tulle bow behind it. This flower is adorable, and can look great so many ways! This burlap flower is only five dollars and it is so worth it. Look how cute it looks here! There will be more burlap flowers coming soon, so check back!


Shoecrazy Sue said...

Miss Tay! You are amazing...clever foo foo's AND you have hunting skills! I am impressed! I love this burlap number, and of course there should be no debate on Coke vs Pepsi because those of us with impeccable taste know that Coke is better on any day! I am looking for foo's to pin on a sweater!

Anonymous said...

Love the burlap! I can't wait to show my daughter. Hats off to your creativity! Mrs. Zierow