Thursday, October 6, 2011


What types of flowers do you like best?
What colors would you like to see more of?
Do you like headbands or clips better?
Soft or stretchy headbands?
How do you like to wear your Foo foos?
Do you have any different ways to wear flowers?
What kind of pictures do you like to see better?

Please answer one or more of these questions in the comments. It would help me a lot to know what to do and make! Also I want to know what you guys like best! Thanks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We love all your Foo-Foos! My daughter really likes the new "silver lining" one and the new blue/green one. She also likes the red felt one. I wonder if you would make her a foo-foo using hot pink and white? She would really like it to have the pointed edges. (There was one with pointed edges in the pictures from your Labor Day Craft Fair, and she said she's never seen one like that before.) She likes the soft headbands better than the stretchy ones, but she has some of each. She's gotten a lot of comments on the "Halloween" headband you made her. Also, would you be willing to donate something for our Panaca Elementary School PTG Auction? We will make sure everyone knows who made it, and where they can go to find more. If you can't, I understand, and I will still come and see what you have! You are a very talented young lady...just like your big sister- who I love! Let me know either way, and also about the FOO-foo for Haylee. Thanks a bunch! Malissa Zierow