Saturday, November 19, 2011


For all the ladies out there that think they can't wear a Foo foo in their hair, why not wear Foo foos in your ears? I have been working on these earrings, and I think they look pretty cute! You can dress up any boring outfit with these cute earrings, and look awesome. Check them out and let me know what you think of them! They are five dollars a pair, but are
so worth it!
Here is all the pairs that I have made so far!

This pair is light blue and brown damask fabric

This pair is made from burlap

This pair is made from green and white flower fabric


Anonymous said...

Love the earrings! Can hardly wait until I get paid again! Great idea! Keep creating!

Anonymous said...

Taylor...Thanks so much...they are GORGEOUS! I'm so happy! Really- you made my day! The rings are all beautiful, and I know they will be loved by all! Thanks again! I was also wondering if I could buy that huge pink & white Foo Foo that you made as well as the burlap earrings...two more Christmas gifts. The Foo Foo is for one of the girls in Addie's class, and the earrings are for my friend. (I got my check from giving the ACT.) Thank you! Mrs. Zierow