Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give away!

Since it is Thanksgiving I have decided to do a give away! This cute flower will be the prize!

To win you just have to comment and tell me why you like this flower. Or you can comment and tell me what you love about Foo foos. Simple enough!

When you comment remember to press preview before you publish your comment or it will not go through! Be sure to tell me who you are in some way or you won't be able to win. The give away will end next Tuesday! Tell all of your friends about this too! Please check back often for more contest and great deals on your favorite Foo foos!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I like it because it's adorable, and was made by my amazing cousin :)


Anonymous said...

This is your favorite cousin Aryn-o!
I love foo-foo's plain and simple because they're a cute and acceptable alternative to headbands, and I'm ALWAYS getting compliments on them. =)

Anonymous said...

Taylor...I love this Foo Foo because of the burned edges...what a cool idea! You are so talented, and such an entrepreneur...Keep crafting! Thanks, Mrs. Zierow

Jo-Mamma said...

Foo Foo's make every day better and every girl feel prettier. I think I'm a cooler mom when I wear them! Pick me...pick me!