Monday, January 30, 2012

Burnt Silver Flower

So this flower is a burnt edge flower. It has sparkly silver, silver, and tulle fabric. The flower is attatched to a stretchy sequin headband. The headband can fit a baby to an adult, so it can fit almost any age. Sorry for the picture of the doll, but this is an idea of how it would look on your favorite baby girl. I think this headband is super cute with the pop of sparkle and would look great on anyone! This headband is only five dollars! Don't forget to leave a comment please!

1 comment:

Shoecrazy Sue said...

TAY! You are the most clever girl ever! LOVE the blingy silver of this adorable headband! How ever did you get good looks, great brains and such talent all rolled into one? "Hard to believe!" Love you girl!