Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pink and Black Checkerboard

This flower is pink, black, and has a little white. It's such a fun pattern and is a different style of flower. This flower is only five dollars. Please comment!


Anonymous said...

Taylor, I don't know what happened, but all through January and February all I saw on your blog were December posts....Look at all the cute things I missed! I feel so bad, but now I'm having a great time seeing your creations! I love this checkered patterned flower...I think the camo headband is super cute, and I wish I would have had it for Haylee this morning for camo day at school! I really love the silver headband with the burned you still have that one? The yellow polka dots make me happy! Do you have much left from the craft fair? Would you mind posting what's left over so I could see what you have? Let me know. I appreciate your talents!
Thanks! Mrs. Zierow

Taylor said...

Thanks! Im sorry about not seeing the posts! I dont have the silver headband anymore, but I would be happy to post what I do still have. Thank you!