Friday, May 11, 2012


Can you tell that red is my favorite color? I have been making tons of red foo foos lately. All of these items will be for sell at my next craft fair, so all you fellow red lovers out there can come check it all out! All of these items are different prices. So what do you think of all the red? Which is your favorite?

P.S. I have been having trouble with my background, and I was just wondering if everyone is still seeing a Christmas one or what they see as my back ground? Please let me know! Thanks!


Jo-Mamma said...

Red is such a happy color! I love this assortment! Your little wheels just keep on turning and popping up with
new ideas for your creative hands!

Anonymous said...

These are all super fun! My favorite is the cloth headband, and of course we'll also be in the market for flip flops- for Addie & Haylee. Haylee loves the Foo-Foo just below and to the left of the flip flops. I hope we can make it to the craft fair early!